Message From The East

Greetings Brethren,

Winter has finally decided to join us! You didn’t think we could go the entire winter, did you? Last month we had our Fraternal visit from our District Deputy Grand Master R.W. Paul J. McMahon Jr. We also voted on 2 new candidates for the degrees. Mr. James Patrick Prior and Mr. Samuel Juan Figueroa and one affiliate member Bro. Miguel Angel Figueroa. We are starting the degrees this month. Dinner was Chinese food from a different restaurant, and it was enjoyed by all.

Our special communication for our new Senior Grand Warden of Massachusetts R.W. John Emerson Kelley Jr. went off without a hitch thanks to Brother Michael Leonard Coronella. He worked tirelessly on this event for a few months, and he even brought it in under budget. The reception was attended by 147 Brothers, but it seemed like there were more than 200. We opened Lodge then Received the Grand Master. Then there were speeches from past and present Grand Lodge officers as well as one from me. With a committee of Past Masters, Brother
John E. Kelley Sr presented the R.W. with his new Senior Grand Warden Jewel. Then the Grand Master said his speech. He then closed the lodge and we all went down to dinner. It was a great pleasure to have R.W. James Goodwin and Brother John Kelley Sr. there.

In March we will be performing the first degree for 2 candidates. R.W. Bogie had a fall at Grand Lodge and was hurt. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers while he recovers from his injuries.

Sincerely & Fraternally,
Wor. John S. Brownell Jr

For Dinner reservations: Make your Reservations by emailing Wor. Michael Morris at or text/call 781-486-4577 and leave a message. Remember dinner reservations are a must.

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